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Berry Nice Muffins

Berry Nice Muffins
“Berry Nice” Muffins – A tri-delight of blueberries, cranberries and strawberries

I call these “berry nice muffins” because they are made up of 3 type of berries – namely blueberries, cranberries and strawberries. That, and also because I find them “berry” delicious hehe :P I usually use raspberries instead of cranberries, but this time round, I decided to try cranberries because I still have a lot of frozen ones which I bought for making cranberry sauce over Christmas. I like it! The sweetness of the muffins contrasted nicely with the tangy taste of the berries, especially the sour cranberries. So if cranberries are too sour for your palate, you can substitute with fresh raspberries (chopped). These muffins are great for clearing the fridge of any leftover berries. And I find them really pretty too, I love using white muffin paper cases so that I can see the beautiful streaks of burst fruity flavour along the side.

Berry Nice Muffins

I used back the same base recipe for my strawberry muffins. If you notice that these muffins looked much better, that’s because I was previously using a “wrong” set of measurements for the muffins; I didn’t know that the term “cup” was not universal and I used a Japanese cup (1 cup = 200ml) instead of a US cup (1 cup = 240ml). I’m really a noob! :x Hence from now, I’ll be more careful when it comes to baking and use/list down the weighted measurements (grams, ml) for more clarity. Thanks to zy for pointing it out :)

(Makes about 16 small muffins)

– 1 1/2 cups* (190g) plain flour
– 1 1/2 eggs, beaten
– 1/2 tbsp baking powder
– 1 cup (225g) caster sugar
– assorted berries (I use 80g chopped strawberries, 50g frozen cranberries, 50g blueberries)
– 1/2 cup (125 ml) milk
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 65 gms butter, cut to small pieces and melted/softened at room temperature

* Cup refers to US cup measurement

You also need:
– sieve
– large bowl & wooden spoon
– disposable baking cases
– muffin baking tray

1. Sift flour, baking powder and sugar together, and mix well.
2. Add in milk, vanilla extract, eggs and butter and stir until just blended (and lumpy). Be careful not to over mix as it will result in a tough texture.
3. Fold in the berries into the mixture. Place baking cases in muffin tins. Spoon the mixture into the cases (each about 2/3 filled).
4. Bake for 20 minutes in preheated oven of 200C (400F) or until slightly golden brown. Allow to rest for several minutes before serving. Store for a day in an airtight container. Freeze extras in ziplock bags and toast them for a few minutes in the oven till they are warm.

Berry Nice Muffins
Afternoon Tea Time

Muffin Batter
Muffin Batter

Muffin Batter in Muffin Cases
Muffin Batter in Muffin Cases

Strawberry Muffins
Cranberries, Pecans & Orange Muffins

64 comments on “Berry Nice Muffins”

  1. very beautiful :) as usual your food shots are always luscious!

  2. Those muffins look really, really, really good. Tommorow I am going to go buy some berries maybe, and then try to make some of these yummy looking muffins. :)

    • Hey DD, hope you like them, I hope they turn out better than the pumpkin muffins hehehe. I fed some of the muffin to Mario and he loves it. Do give me your feedback :-)

    • The muffins came out awesome! :D Well mostly. Though I did make a few small mistakes on my part. I used two eggs instead of 1 and a half. I also had to translate the butter into teaspoons. Then I couldnt soften the butter at all, because our microwave is broken. So because of that the butter didnt get evenly distributed through the muffin batter and so some muffins ended up with more butter than others. Also for my berries, I used blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. But they were really yummy. :D

      Oh and I thought I would mention that in the recipe, you forgot to mention to add the vanilla in the directions.

      Thanks for the awesome recipe though! Would it be ok if I post this recipe on my blog? I will be sure to give you credit for the recipe on there.

    • yay I’m glad and relieved to hear they were yummy! :) Blackberries & raspberries are really expensive here, you’re so lucky to be able to add them to your muffins! Hope you manage to soften the butter next time, I personally find that nicely softened butter makes a lot of difference to muffins. Opps, I totally forgot to mention the vanilla, thanks for letting me know! Sure, go ahead to post the recipe on your blog, a link back to this recipe will be appreciated :) Hey I didn’t know you had a blog, I want to read!

    • The berries i got were just mixed frozen berries that I bought at the store, they were about $3.50 i think. In the summer time blackberries grow wild around here, which is good since I love eating them so much. Some years though, the blackberries arent very good because the weather might be too wet or too dry. And next time I will try to find a better way to soften the butter. Maybe the microwave will be fixed by then :) And thanks for letting me post this recipe on my blog, I will be sure to link it back to here, i would definatly want to link it back to here since you have much better muffin pictures :). And my blog right now is set as private, so only certain people that I allow can read it, so that means those people have to have a Blogger blog. I had to set it that way since I kept having problems with people saying mean stuff on my blog in the comments about a year ago. I am thinking though of making a blog just for “How To Make” kind of stuff like recipes I try, cakes i decorate, and even how to make certain crafts. But that might be a while before I get that blog set up. I will be sure to let you know if I make that blog though. :)

  3. Omg!my favourite..yum yum and super easy to make.Can i use one egg instead of 1 1/2 eggs?sweet and sour muffin :P

  4. Oh what little tea time delights they are! So going to make some this weekend!

  5. Berry nice indeed! Love the colors!

  6. They do look berry nice! :) First time here and love your blog! I’m glad I found it.

  7. Berry berry nice indeed!

  8. how cute! i like them berry much! i just blogged about blueberry muffins. how funny!

  9. Do you think I can use Fine Sugar instead of Caster Sugar? If so, do I use the same amt as per your ingredients?

    • Hi Ju, I think you can try. I usually dip my finger to taste the batter before I spoon the mixture into the case, you can adjust the sugar according to your taste :)

    • :-) and one more qsn.

      The milk you are using is normal fresh milk? How long should I preheat my convection oven b4 baking?

      I’m baking for the 1st time so jus wanna make sure I got the correct type of ingredients & methods. Thanks! :-)

    • I use normal fresh milk. For my oven, I preheat it 5-10 minutes before putting the muffins inside. Hope they turn out good for you, do give me your feedback if any ;)

  10. hi

    i finally get to bake the muffins. but, it din really turn out nice like yours. :cry: the top portion is hard n ‘crispy’. however the inside is soft. u tink u know wad went wrong wif my muffins?

    btw, i did the using the strawberry muffins recipe.

    • Hi Ju,
      Oh no sorry to hear that! Is the batter lumpy when you bake it (preferred)? If you overmix the batter till it’s smooth, it tends to have a harder texture. Also, what oven are you using? Did you bake at the same temperature and time stated in the recipe? You can try to reduce the baking time by a few minutes to see if it prevents the top from being overcooked. Just my thoughts, hope it helps.

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