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Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast

I recently bought an artisan sourdough bread from a local bakery. As the sourdough bread was big, I could make many large slices that were big enough to accommodate an egg on it. So I thought of making something cute & cheery with an egg in the middle of the bread. I love savoury flavours so I also added bacon and shredded cheese.  This cheesy bacon egg toast certainly makes a simple and cheerful meal to start the day.

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Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast Recipe

STEP-BY-STEP PHOTOS (Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast)

Sourdough Bread from Firestone Bakery
This was the pic of the sourdough bread I bought from a local bakery. I cut the bread into thick slices to keep in the freezer for the upcoming week.

You can substitute with any type of bread big enough to hold the egg, such as sandwich bread, artisan bread or baguette.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast (Step-by-Step)
I sliced the sourdough bread thickly, as I think it will be more filling and also (hopefully) look more gourmet-looking. Spread butter on one side of the bread.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast (Step-by-Step)
Scatter a layer of shredded cheese (I am using pizza topping cheese) on the buttered side. Crack an egg in the middle of the bread, and garnish with small bacon strips.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast (Step-by-Step)
Cook the bread, lid covered, on low heat on the stove. Be sure the heat is not too high, otherwise the bottom of the bread will get burnt. Check it every few minutes and cook until the egg white is set and the yolk is cooked to required doneness.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast RecipeGarnish with basil, parsley and black pepper.

Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast Recipe
My yolk was not runny but it was still nice as it was overcooked. Next time, to get runny yolk, I will turn off the heat when the egg white is almost set. Continue cover with lid for another 2-3 minutes until the egg white is set, so the yolk should be runny.

2 comments on “Cheesy Bacon Egg Toast”

  1. Cheese and bacon for the win! This looks so yummy.

  2. Your toast need to feed another savory palate here :D

    The issue I have with sourdough bread like this or just the standard baguette is: it tends to get hard and dry the following day(s) ; unless splash some water to re-introduce some moisture or something when re-toasting/warming in the oven. But since you did it over the stove, the “steam” would have solve the problem.

    Given a choice, I prefer that thick toast you used in omelet-in-a-hole earlier, to make this egg toast

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