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Canadian Ginseng Tea

Canadian Ginseng Tea

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I just bought several bottles of Canadian ginseng slices and other than munching on them (sparingly – don’t overdose) as a snack, I also use them to make a herbal cooling tea (” liang teh” or 凉茶) to combat our hot weather. Ginseng is well known for improving mental alertness (提神) and “cooling” properties in TCM. I ate the boiled ginseng slices that comes in the drink so not one bit of it is wasted. If you don’t like ginseng, check out chrysanthemum tea recipe which is another cooling Chinese tea.

Canadian Ginseng Tea Recipe

18 comments on “Canadian Ginseng Tea”

  1. Ginseng and chrysanthemum together…one warm, one cool..a well-balanced sweetened soup.

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. I need to try it now that we’re finally getting some nice weather here. I wonder where I can get wolfberries?

  3. Over here in Malaysia – it’s also tremendously hot but then later in the evenings – it pours!! Your recipes are real eye openers! I had no idea there was Canadian ginseng and American ginseng!

  4. i’d love this…minus the ginseng (i dunno why but i can’t handle ginseng)

  5. Oh wow, look at the pretty chrysanthemum opening in the bowl!
    Very healthy and pretty, great dish ^^

  6. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, given the impossibly hot weather these past couple of weeks (and what with the recent haze too) – a cooling liong cha to make at home.

    So far I’ve made lo hon kor and a pre-packaged herbal tea (with so many different dried ingredients – I lost count!) but this looks ‘clearer’ somehow. Thanks for sharing! :)

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