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Cold Tofu

This is a no-way-it-can-go-wrong quick dish I make frequently because my hamsters love to eat tofu, kekeke. I use only Japanese tofu (I got them from Isetan Shaw House or Meidi-ya in SG) because they are better, tastier & healthier. For some strange reason, although Japanese tofu is firm (it doesn’t break apart when you handle them), the texture when you bite into it is soft & creamy. So I think they are worth the price difference (about 4-6 times?) … and adding testimonials to this, my 2 partners-in-crime hamsters – ever the food critic – seems to prefer Japanese tofu too because they always finish the Japanese tofu but this is not always the case if I feed them local tofu. Talk about having an acute sense of taste, like Remy in Ratatouille (but used for eating and not cooking o_O”)

Next time, I’ll try making agedeshi tofu ;p

Cold Tofu
Cold Tofu

(Serves 2)

Cold Tofu Cold Tofu

1 piece of Japanese tofu, 200g
1 tsp of soba/tempura sauce (or substitute with light soy sauce)
Spring onions, chopped
Bonito flakes

Steam tofu for 5 minutes [Note: Many types of Japanese tofu can be eaten raw – see package instructions, but I still prefer to steam them briefly.] Refrigerate till cold. Dilute 1 tsp of soba/tempura sauce with water to suit your taste & pour mixture over the tofu. Top the tofu with bonito flakes and chopped spring onions.

7 comments on “Cold Tofu”

  1. I saw those tofu in Meidi-ya. Very ex leh!
    Your ham-hams got expensive taste eh. ;)

  2. Woah.. jap tofu. Never tried before. Your hams are spoilt. lol

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  5. Hi! I just come across your website when searching for tofu recipe.
    I agree, I also like Meidi-ya tofu. It’s expensive but very soft and no preservative. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I used to add bunashimeji and boil it in soy sauce + mirin and pour it on top of the tofu. It makes a delicious breakfast.

  6. I’m going to try with yuzupon.

  7. Hi, I read your recipes with interest and will be trying out some. Thanks for sharing so generously! About good-tasting tofu, have you tried Unicurd organic tofu? I have been using it for my fish soup. Am really interested to try those Japanese tofu you mentioned. But the price is like so ex…

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