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California Temaki (Handroll)

California Handroll (Temaki) Recipe

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Temaki (手巻, “hand rolls”) is a cone-shaped piece of nori (seaweed) on the outside with the rice and fillings spilling out the wide end.  One of my favourite temaki is the California temaki (カリフォルニア手巻き) made up of avocado, crab sticks, cucumber and flying fish (tobiko) or prawn roe (ebiko). It is said that California rolls are an American invention in the 70s for those who may be uneasy about eating raw fish. It has since become a mainstay on the sushi menu and one of my favourite flavours of sushi.

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Sushi Rice Recipe Cook sushi rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Prepare nori sheets for temaki. Typically, nori sheets come in 19×20 cm sizes. By folding and cutting it in half, it becomes the ideal size for temaki (19×10 cm).
How to make California handroll (temaki) Lay one sheet of cut nori, rough side up, on the work surface. Place sushi rice in the position as shown (diagonal at the corner). Flatten the rice slightly with your hand or the back of a spoon.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Squeeze some Japanese mayonnaise on the rice. You may skip this but in my opinion, the mayo, though sinful, makes the temaki much more delicious :)
How to make California handroll (temaki) Add some roe near the bottom half of the rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Arrange avocado, crab sticks and cucumber such that they sit diagonally on the rice.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Fold in the bottom left corner of the nori as shown.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Continue rolling until the nori forms a cone shape that holds all the ingredients. Once the cone is formed, top with more roe.
How to make California handroll (temaki) Secure the edge of the nori with sushi rice.

If you have a home party, you can arrange the ingredients on a platter and have your guests roll these temaki by themselves.  Once you learnt the basics of rolling temaki, you can experiment with all kinds of fillings.

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  1. We jokingly call these Japanese burritos! And, I love making things at home so I can customize them just the way I like. They look great with the mayonnaise.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at sushi for a long time. Yours looks great — just as tasty as the restaurant kind!

  3. I love this kind of handroll! great for sushi party :)

  4. Beautiful handroll ! Totally agree with you. Homemade handrolls are the best, fresh and lots of fillings. :)

  5. Great work. I have tried to make hand rolls before and they did not look nearly as good as yours do. A true rolling master.

  6. One of my favorites! I could snack on them all day long. I hope you bought enough crab for me! :)

  7. This is my hubby’s favourite. Thanks for the easy recipe :)

  8. 手巻き!That’s the kanji way of writing it. (The words are, as you can see, adopted from Mandarin).

  9. I love slathering my rolls with Kewpie. Cool post!

  10. Hi there.
    I came back to see you wanted to know how to write “California Temaki” in Japanese.
    Here it is!


    Hope this helps ^^

    • Thanks Pipana, I appreciate it! I hope your loved ones in Japan are safe and sound. Take care! :)

    • You are welcome ^^

      Also, thank you for your sweet concern.
      My family members, relatives and friends are safe though many of them have been affected…
      My heart goes out to the people who lost their loved ones, houses and everything ( ; _ ; ) But we have faith in Japan. We are a strong nation, so I’m sure Japan will be rebuilt soon.

    • I read a post about translated Japanese tweets regarding the disaster and I was touched and amazed by the kindness of Japanese – they are truly a role model for the world. They have my full admiration and I know they have the strength to weather any crisis. Hope your affected loved ones will get everything back to normal soon. ♥

    • Thank you for the sweetest concern, wiffy!

      We held a charity event here in Porto, and it was a big success.
      I was amazed to see many Portuguese people and foreigners come and support our country ( ; u ; ) We are thankful for all the support we have.

      Thank you once again for your concern and kind words ^^

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