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Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich

I have been making packed dinner for my family member who started working the evening shift ad hoc. I don’t have a lot of time to make such packed meals because I work in the mornings and come home by 2 pm, while the packed food has to be ready by 4 pm. Although this ham & cheese egg sandwich was impromptu, it is nevertheless delicious. A sandwich like this is so perfect for packed lunch (or dinner in this case) because it keeps well for a few hours and it is easy to eat.

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Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich Recipe (For Lunch Box)
This ham & cheese egg sandwich is made of scrambled eggs, ham, lettuce, mayonnaise & butter spread, sliced cheddar cheese and sliced wholemeal bread.

Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich Recipe (For Lunch Box)
In one of the sandwiches, I used leftover braised red wine vinegar coleslaw cabbage which has a lovely purple hue. It adds a nice colour and variety to the sandwich box.

Sandwich for Lunch Box

Luncheon Meat (Spam) Egg Sandwich (Step-by-Step)
Wrap each sandwich tightly with cling wrap after assembling them. In place of cling wrap, you can also use food-grade wax paper or parchment paper. They are ready to bring to work.

P.S. this is the cling wrapped version of my luncheon meat egg sandwich. So the bread is of a different colour. 

Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich Recipe (For Lunch Box)
You can go further in the display too. Cut each sandwich in half and fold it apart, filling side up. Place the cut sandwiches still in its cling wrap in a fitting lunch box.

Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich Recipe (For Lunch Box)
I squeezed in some cherry tomatoes in the gaps and added a cute napkin ^_^ Then I cling wrapped the container before putting the lid on. It was fun making a lunch box!

3 comments on “Ham & Cheese Egg Sandwich”

  1. They look so neat and tidy…my sandwich looks usually mishaped LOL Love the combo of ham and cheese!

  2. Yep! Sandwich is perfect to be packed as to-go meal. Your sandwich is nicely balanced in all aspects.

  3. Looks great! I want to make this but was wondering what sized eggs are best to use?

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