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Watermelon Soju Cocktail

It’s happy hour time! Watermelon Soju or Sobak Soju originates from South Korea and it is a recent discovery for me. Making watermelon soju cocktail is truly easy – just watermelon juice and soju. Enjoying the drink at home is the best thing for us since we don’t have to worry about who’s driving. The sad news is, soju or alcohol in general is insanely and exorbitantly expensive in Singapore (as are our cars). For example, a small 375 ml bottle of soju costs S$16 at our local supermarkets, but a similar bottle will only cost like $2 (not a typo!) in South Korea or S$4 in the US!!! In Korea, soju is a cheap, common and popular drink, especially in the colder months. I think if I ever move to a country with cheap alcohol, I will probably be getting high on a different soju cocktail every weekend :p

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I can still console myself that home-made is still much cheaper than ordering it at a pub (we paid S$38 for watermelon soju at a local Korean pub which comes with a small bottle of soju). Soju can be enjoyed straight (neat) or as a shot, but I think many people especially ladies will love soju with watermelon juice as the concoction makes the drink tastier and prettier, especially when served in a cute watermelon bowl.

Watermelon Soju Recipe

Soju is a clear distilled alcohol and quite similar to vodka, with a hint of sweetness. You can substitute soju with vodka or even Japanese sake. The alcohol content varies, my bottle of soju is 19% which is at the lower spectrum (it can go up to 40%), but it is still potent to me.

Watermelon Soju Recipe

5 comments on “Watermelon Soju Cocktail”

  1. Haha, let me check for the price of soju here.
    I wonder if sake will work as alternative to soju?

    This beverage is sure to wow esp. when entertaining at home.

  2. Happy hour drink, great for serving guests

  3. Actually only $1.50 from convenience stores like Family Mart or GS25. I don’t know why the price is more than 10x difference in Singapore.

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