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Bittergourd with Salted Egg

With leftover raw duck salted eggs from mooncake making, I cooked this fast and easy bittergourd (bitter melon) with salted egg stir-fry (苦瓜炒咸蛋). To me, cooking with salted egg is always welcomed, because I know whatever I cooked with it will most definitely turn out well, and I don’t have to worry about how to season the dish.

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Bittergourd Salted Egg Recipe

The salted egg is the only seasoning in this dish, since it is deliciously salty on its own. If you prefer to cook this with normal eggs, do check out the bittergourd with eggs recipe. This dish goes very well with porridge.

Sliced Bittergourd
If you are concerned about the bitterness of bittergourd, you can select bittergourd which is light green (pictured above) rather than dark green, as the former is inherently less bitter. I do not bother with preparations to reduce its bitterness (cooking tip on page two on how to do so), since I do enjoy the natural bitter taste. The salted egg also masks the bitter taste so one can hardly detect any bitterness. By the way, I have sliced my bittergourd very thinly as my family love them this way, but it is easy to overcook the slices if you are not quick with the wok. You can slice them to 1 cm thickness, instead, if preferred.

Bittergourd Salted Egg Recipe
Ingredients for bittergourd salted egg – from left clockwise: finely chopped salted egg yolk, chopped garlic, sliced chilli & salted egg white.

5 comments on “Bittergourd with Salted Egg”

  1. Like this dish a lot! Good way to use up your leftover salted eggs :)

  2. I remember my mom made this very often during the summer time. I miss it!

  3. Love this dish and I like the bittergourd thinly sliced too!

  4. I don’t used to like bittergourd but I am a convert after tasting this dish. :)

  5. Thanks for the recipe! Made this over the weekend for dinner and got a thumbs-up from the mother-in-law! :)

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