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Myojo Char Mee 100

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

Here’s a review of my favourite local instant noodles – the Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100. I have loved and enjoyed this ramen noodles for years. It’s something you either hate or love – out of all friends I introduced this to, all of them loved it to bits, well all except one of them who disliked it so much that she discarded the rest of the packets (should have given me lah, keke).

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It smells pungent when the noodles are mixed in the chilli oil and seasonings, but when eaten, they are deliciously divine.

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)
Front packaging

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)
Back packaging

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)
Instant ramen block – weighs 80 grams

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)
Each packet of ramen comes with two sachets – seasoning powder and a pungent smelling chilli oil.
Noodles when cooked and mixed with chilli oil and seasoning powder. Taste test without additions – very aromatic, spicy and delicious. The colour is close to the one depicted in the front packaging.

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 (Instant Noodles Review)
I don’t really bother to dress up instant noodles – but sometimes, I add shallot oil and chopped spring onions.

Product Name(s)

Myojo Ramen 炒面 Char Mee 100

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This is definitely one of my favourite (if not the favourite) dry instant noodles! They really got the formula right with just the right amount of heat and spice. The other dry instant noodles by Myojo (such as Mee Pok) are forgettable and totally pales in comparison. I hope they never change the formula for this. We love this so much, our pantry is seldom without it, because we will crave for it now and then. This makes the perfect sinful supper.

Hot-O-Meter  8 out of 10
Yummy-O-Meter 9.5 of 10

Made in


Where to Buy in Singapore

  • local supermarkets

Average Price

S$2.10 for five packets

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

6 comments on “Myojo Char Mee 100”

  1. Love this char mee! I still eat it regularly. Thanks for introducing it to me :)

  2. Myojo already give itself 100 marks for this mee! Hahaha…I will buy when I am in SG next time, :)

  3. This is my favourite instant noodles too!

  4. I loveeeeee this! Best instant noodles ever.

  5. Is this still available?

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