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Simple Sauteed Kale

I don’t know why it took stubborn me so many years to try kale, with my recipe space here, and with kale’s explosive popularity over the past few years. I finally tried kale last Christmas, when my neighbourhood supermarket started selling it on an almost daily basis. I have not stopped buying kale since then – at least once if not twice a week! Talk about late kale love blossoming for me in a big, belated way :p

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I started with using kale in smoothies since I also bought a nutribullet around the same time. The first impression was a very good one, as I love the taste of kale even in the raw form.

Green Kale

After a few kale smoothies, I started cooking kale – first by adding them in soups & hot-pots, then frying in the pan like this one. And recently I even made kale chips which was really good.

Sauteed Kale Recipe

This particular simple sauteed kale in garlic and chilli flakes is my current favourite kale dish because it is so easy and quick to pull off. Sometimes when I want to eat soft & tenderly cooked kale, I will blanch the kale before adding it in the pan. If I’m in the mood for crunchier kale, I just add raw kale leaves to the covered pan to cook. Both ways, this quick cooking sauteed recipe works very well for me.

Green Kale Leaves

I measure kale in written recipe by the number of kale stalks used. Coarsely tear the leaves of each full stalk to bite-size pieces. The stem is usually discarded, or can be put to better use. One full stalk of curly kale, yields roughly 15 grams of kale leaves in the recipe.

Simple Sauteed Kale Recipe

3 comments on “Simple Sauteed Kale”

  1. Simple and delicious! This is one of my favourite winter veggies.

  2. Kale is tender and sweeter in winter as the winter frost concentrates its sugars. That said, I enjoy kale all year round. Do they sell lacinato (dino) kale as well?
    You are very meticulous – you even bother to remove the leaves from the stems and tear them to even bits.

    • no wonder they are cheaper during winter. I use kale stems for my nutribullet smoothie instead. I’ve not seen dino kale here, will look out for them :)

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