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Ham Macaroni Soup (Hong Kong Style)

This ham macaroni soup (港式火腿通粉) is a re-creation of the ones served at Hong Kong tea cafes (茶餐厅/”cha can teng”), so mine is deliberately lacking in garnishes or vegetables just like the way I remember having it in HK. However, you can use any garnishes (such as spring onions) and vegetables (assorted frozen peas, carrots, corn or any leafy veg) when making this at home.

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Ham Macaroni Soup (Hong Kong Style Recipe)

To make up for the plain appearance of my ham macaroni soup, I served this dish with a HK-style milk tea and a creamy scrambled egg, both commonly served at their tea cafes during breakfast. It made me fondly reminisce all the yummy food I ate in Hong Kong, especially now that we can’t travel overseas for a while.

These are the recipes for the scrambled eggs and milk tea if you are interested:

HK Breakfast Scrambled Eggs

  • Creamy Scrambled EggsThis is the perfect scrambled eggs recipe I used for years for making moist & creamy eggs. They took up 2 and half minutes of cooking action in the pan, great while waiting for the macaroni to cook.

Hong Kong Milk Tea

  • HK Milk Tea – I used my “Teh C” recipe as the reference, but as a substitute for the tea leaves, I used 2 lipton tea bags (dunked in boiling water for 3 minutes) to make one cup of tea.


Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe (Ingredients)
Only 3 main ingredients – macaroni, (picnic) ham & a rich tetra-pak chicken stock. You can use instant “Jin Hua” ham soup stock (金華火腿上湯) for authenticity if it is available in your area. A long time ago, our supermarkets carry the jinhua ham stock but I no longer see them (let me know if you see them selling in SG!) So I used chicken stock instead.

Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe - Picnic Ham
Dice or slice the ham to long strips, like how it is usually served in HK.


Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe - Step 1
Bring a pot of salted water to a boil and cook the macaroni. When done, take them out & divide them into serving bowl(s).

Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe - Step 2
After rinsing the pot, mix chicken stock and water, then bring to a boil …

Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe - Step 3
… cook the ham through a slotted ladle for less than a minute to warm through.

Ham Macaroni Soup Recipe
Ladle the ham and hot soup over the macaroni to serve.

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