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Samsui Ginger Sauce

I really love the samsui ginger sauce that is served at The Soup Restaurant. It tastes so good on its own, that I personally think it can outshine the chicken to become the star in the dish samsui chicken. I’m so glad that the sauce now available at supermarkets, and if you are lucky, you can buy 2 bottles for the price of 1 during promotion. This is my attempt to recreate the famous ginger sauce at home – it’s great when there is no promo, or when I just want to spend more time playing in the kitchen.

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Samsui Chicken Ginger Sauce Recipe

My family thinks my version is similar and delicious. This samsui ginger sauce is a versatile sauce. It not only goes well with cooked steamed chicken, I have also tried brushing it on raw food (such as chicken thighs) and steam with D.O.M liquor with great results. I also frequently add it to my salads for that extra oomph.

Samsui Ginger Chicken Recipe
In case you are wondering, this samsui ginger sauce has a chunkier texture and a richer taste than the ginger sauce for Hainanese chicken rice, which has a more watery consistency.

6 comments on “Samsui Ginger Sauce”

  1. It would be great to serve with some Chinese dumplings too :-))

  2. The recipe is good and I hope it won’t be very strong. Thanks to share

  3. I already make the sauce today with a different recipe, but its has bitter aftertaste. How to get rid the bitterness?

    • You probably leave the ginger out too long. Make sure the ginger is fresh, and cut just before you use them.

  4. Hi, what do you use for the “very rich chicken stock”? Can I use reduced sodium chicken stock?

    • that’s the juices from steaming the chicken. Yes, you can use reduced sodium chicken stock; can always season to taste later.

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