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XO Sauce Fried Rice

XO Sauce Fried Rice


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I have been using XO Sauce for Chinese stir-fries, and recently I have also been using it in my fried rice for a more gourmet version of my usual egg fried rice. I love to cook fried rice once in a while as it is an easy and satisfying one-dish meal, great for clearing the fridge of any random leftover ingredients.

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Whenever I plan to cook fried rice, I will cook extra rice for dinner so that I can refrigerate the extras overnight for best results (refrigerating keeps the rice grains dry and not sticky, which is ideal for stir-frying). I will also try to buy roasted meat (char siu and siu yuk) for adding to my fried rice because being deliciously salty and savoury, the roasted meat are excellent for instantly bringing a fried rice dish to life. Fried rice is a really flexible dish and you can add any ingredients such as seafood and chicken to make your own version.

XO Sauce Fried Rice

30 comments on “XO Sauce Fried Rice”

  1. Tried your fried rice last nite, whole family gave thumbs upz! YUMMY :D

  2. Lena, so happy to hear that! :))

  3. I have always seen that bottle of XO paste and have never dared to use it!

  4. I have leftover fried beehoon that I fried yesterday in the fridge. Do you think XO sauce might just work with that?

  5. now my favourite chao fan is KimChi chao fan.

  6. I’m trying this recipe for the second time because it was so well-received the first time round! Thanks for helping me feel less ‘noob’ at cooking these days! :)

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