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Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap

This purple rice bulgogi bibimbap is a simplified bibimbap with 1 meat (supermarket marinated bulgogi beef), 3 vegetables, kimchi and a sunny side-up egg. It certainly satisfied my craving for bibimbap without spending too much time in the kitchen. Despite its limited toppings, it is colourful as a bibimbap should be with an additional purple accent thanks to the Korean purple rice :) I’m very addicted to my purple rice, K dramas and Korean food these days.

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Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap Recipe

STEP-BY-STEP (Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap)

Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap Ingredients

'Sweating' Cucumber with Salt

Here are the main steps for making the various components of my bibimbap bowl.

  • (1) and (2): I bought supermarket bulgogi beef from Don Don Donki as a convenient and tasty short-cut. Just stir-fry the marinated beef in the pan with some oil.
  • (3) Cook purple rice using this recipe.
  • (4) Make spinach namul banchan using this recipe. You can prepare this the night before and keep it chilled in the fridge.
  • (5) Make 2 simple banchan with cucumber and carrot. Cut cucumber to half circles and carrot to matchsticks. Place them in separate plates and coat the contents of each plate evenly with salt (pictured above). After half an hour, squeeze out the excess liquids and fry them separately in the pan. Also make 3 sunny-side up eggs.
  • (6) Make bibimbap sauce using this recipe.

Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap Recipe

The last step is the fun part where you assemble everything together. I added kimchi, lettuce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. To eat, pour the bibimbap sauce over the contents, mix well and enjoy this simplified but flavourful bibimbap.

One comment on “Purple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap”

  1. Such a beautiful plating of foods! Only one problem for me…not enough of beef! LOL…I am a steak-butter-kinda gal…so my daily meal is usually loaded with lots of meat.

    p.s All your comments went through. Thank you!

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