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Purple Rice Bulgogi Bowl

This quick and tasty purple rice bulgogi bowl takes 30 minutes to make, including the time required for the purple rice to cook in the rice cooker. You can use any rice to go with the bulgogi beef and baby bok choy, though I think purple ricePurple Rice Bulgogi Bibimbap brings this otherwise humble rice bowl one notch up its presentation – making the overall plate look more luxurious despite its simplicity.

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Purple Rice Bulgogi Bowl Recipe


Purple Rice Bulgogi Bowl Ingredients & Steps

  • (1) & (2): I’m using supermarket marinated bulgogi beef (from Donki). I stir-fried the entire packet with lots of cut konnegi (long green onions).
  • (3): Cook purple rice using this recipe.
  • (4): Cook fried sunny eggs.
  • (5) & (6): make a simple greens side dish. I am using baby bok choy (labelled “qing bai”/青白 in local supermarkets). Halve the baby bok choy vertically and boil them in pa ot of boiling water for less than a minute. In a sauce pan, heat some cooking oil, soy sauce & cut dried chilli. Sautéed the blanched greens in the savoury oil briefly.

Purple Rice Bulgogi Bowl Recipe

Finally assemble the rice bowl with purple rice garnished with seasoned seaweed, cooked bulgogi beef as well as baby bok choy. Sprinkle roasted sesame seeds and serve with a sunny fried egg. Enjoy!

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  1. I would definitely ask for a seconds!

  2. Very balanced meal! Did you break the runny yolk into the rice beef combo ;p

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