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Steamed Bamboo Clams

Steamed Bamboo Clams

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This is an easy recipe for steamed bamboo clams. Tang hoon (mung bean vermicelli) is placed beneath the clam meat so that it can soak up all the seafood juices released during steaming. The clams are topped in crispy garlic oil for that extra crunch and aroma.

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I absolutely love steaming seafood at home because it is much cheaper than the “market rate” which restaurants charge, and seafood cooks really quickly (my clams were steamed in less than 4 minutes). Though I know them as bamboo clams, they are often labelled as “razor clams” in supermarkets (freezer section).

Steamed Bamboo Clams

14 comments on “Steamed Bamboo Clams”

  1. Yummy tasting and very presentable!

  2. I too like this simple yet versatile way of cooking seafoods (mostly clams and scallops), simply lovely!

  3. These calms look really interesting. I don’t think I have eaten them before. Love the way you cook them. Looks very delicious…..mmmmm

  4. These clams look awesome, especially with the crispy garlic on it…the pictures look so tempting.
    Happy Chinese New Year

  5. Love love love seafood cooked in the simplest way, esp when the seafood is fresh!

    I always wonder if frozen clams (in a vacuum package) are fresh as I associate fresh seafood with water!!!

  6. Looks so yummy!!! Wanna say I’m an avid reader of your blog, I love how simple and easy to execute the recipe. I tried most of your recipes and it’s a hit. I wanna ask you can you do a recipe on fish glue? Thank you!

  7. Hey where did u buy them I can only find the small ones..

  8. Heavenly! Can’t remember when I last time saw the bamboo clams….

  9. May I know which supermarket did u get the bamboo clams from?

  10. Looks so delicious! May I know where to buy the frozen bamboo clams please? Thanks.

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