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Black Bean Sauce Eggplants

This is a homely Chinese dish of eggplants cooked in a spicy black bean sauce (黑豆漿茄子). The otherwise bland-tasting eggplants (aka brinjal or aubergine) come to life by soaking up the savoury black bean sauce like a sponge. This dish is so savoury, so good with steamed rice.

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Spicy Black Bean Sauce
In this recipe, I’m using LKK spicy black bean sauce (pictured above). You can use any favourite brand, do try to get those without added preservatives or coloring. Although I do make black bean sauce from scratch, the bottled ones are delicious and a great time-saver.

How to retain beautiful purple of eggplants (steaming method)

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe
Did you notice the beautiful purple hue of the eggplants in this dish? This was achieved by steaming the eggplants before they are stir-fried.

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe
To retain the eggplant purple hue after cooking, we need to pre-cook the eggplants by steaming them. If they were added straight to the wok, they will turn an unflattering brown after cooking. To start off, choose eggplants of a darker purple shade as pictured above, because they turn a shade lighter after cooking.  The sequence here is important: bring water in the steamer (I’m using a large Chinese wok here) to a rapid boil, add the plate of eggplants into the steamer (pictured above), cover steamer with lid and cook for 4 minutes (set your kitchen timer).

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe
After 4 minutes, take the eggplants out and rinse under tap water to cool them down. This step is optional, it helps to lock the purple colour in.

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe
The steamed eggplants can now be added to the bubbly black bean sauce with only slight browning after cooking.

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  1. So yummy! Used to have this DAILY! Miss those thin purple eggplants…

  2. So, did you have this with steamed rice or quinoa? :P

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