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Black Bean Sauce Eggplants

This is a homely Chinese dish of eggplants cooked in a spicy black bean sauce (黑豆漿茄子). The otherwise bland-tasting eggplants (aka brinjal or aubergine) come to life by soaking up the savoury black bean sauce like a sponge. This dish is so savoury, so good with steamed rice.

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Spicy Black Bean Sauce
In this recipe, I’m using LKK spicy black bean sauce (pictured above). You can use any favourite brand, do try to get those without added preservatives or coloring. Although I do make black bean sauce from scratch, the bottled ones are delicious and a great time-saver.

Retain the lovely purple hue of eggplants in this stir-fry:

Steaming Eggplants
If you were to add eggplants directly to a wok to stir-fry, they will turn an unflattering brown after cooking. While it doesn’t affect the taste of the dish, the presentation is somewhat lackluster. To overcome this common problem, check out this tutorial for pre-cooking the eggplants using either the microwave, boiling or steaming method to ‘lock-in’ the purple hue. For this recipe, I used the steaming method (pictured above) to do the job.

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe
The steamed eggplants are added to the bubbly black bean sauce where they will retain most of its purple hue after cooking.

Black Bean Sauce Eggplants Recipe

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  1. So yummy! Used to have this DAILY! Miss those thin purple eggplants…

  2. So, did you have this with steamed rice or quinoa? :P

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