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Carrot & Daikon Pork Ribs Soup

This carrot and daikon pork ribs soup is a homely Chinese soup. Usually, carrot and daikon (white radish) play a supporting role in Chinese soups but in this dish they are the stars. And why not, since the duo never fails to lend their natural sweetness to any soup. In addition to a host of vitamins, the daikon and carrot also boost detoxifying properties, making this an ideal soup for cleansing the body.

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Carrot & Daikon Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

Carrot & Daikon Pork Ribs Soup Recipe
This is where I start from. My soup pot consists of blanched pork ribs (mix of spare ribs and prime ribs) at the bottom. The peeled daikon (white radish) and carrots are cut to large chunks. Dried scallops and red dates (just a few to avoid overpowering the soup) are added for more sweetness. The trio of garlic-onion-ginger is optional but I always love to sneak them in my Chinese soups whenever I can, as they are immunity boosters. They also always make the kitchen smell incredible when the soup is simmering away. With this mix of ingredients, the soup is sweet on its own even after only 40 minutes on the stove. It’s ready to serve even if I don’t have time to simmer it for long hours in the thermal pot or slow cooker. So it is really ideal for weekday cooking, where I can buy the ingredients after work and cook it when I reach home. I really love that the ingredients can be roughly chopped which saves a lot of time in the preparation.

Carrot & Daikon Pork Ribs Soup Recipe

6 comments on “Carrot & Daikon Pork Ribs Soup”

  1. The soup looks clear and delicious! Have to tell my mom to add some dried scallops next time :-)

  2. Comforting homey soup! This is how I would do my Chinese soup as well…just that I don’t keep stock on dried scallops but I know this “less-is-more” secret ingredient is super unami flavorful when used.

  3. Super delicious soup
    Made first time according to recipe
    My whole family loves the soup
    Will make again
    Thank you for sharing recipe

  4. Hello, would like to ask if i intend to cook this soup in thermal pot, will the red dates make the soup sour? As the cooking time will be around 6+am to 6+pm. 12 hrs long. Thanks!

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