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Chocolate Overnight Oats

Chocolate for breakfast anyone? This chocolate overnight oats is good for indulging even if you are watching your weight. This is a ‘healthy’ way to enjoy a little chocolate without guilt. If you are counting calories, go easy on the sweetener. As for the chocolate shavings, choose dark chocolate bar with a higher chocolate (70% and above) and lower sugar content.

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Chocolate Overnight Oats Recipe

My chocolate oats before soaking. It consists of rolled oats, cocoa powder, maple syrup, chia seeds, salt and unsweetened milk. Stir with a spoon to mix well or cover with lid and shake, until the cocoa powder is dissolved and well distributed. Chill in the fridge over night for up to a week. The oats will thicken up nicely to a smooth creaminess overnight, as it absorbs the chia seeds and cocoa powder. If you soak it for more than a day, you may need a small amount of milk to loosen the oats before eating.

Chocolate Shavings using a vegetable peeler

How to get pretty chocolate shavings. The width of the chocolate bar must be shorter than that of the vegetable peeler you are using. Shave the smooth surface of the chocolate bar towards you as shown in the pic above. This method is safer than using a knife, and produces larger chunks of chocolate shavings which look great and don’t easily disintegrate. If busy, you can substitute the chocolate shavings with dark chocolate chips instead.

Chocolate Overnight Oats Recipe
Garnish and serve. In a serving glass, I added raspberry and yogurt at the bottom, followed by the chocolate oats, and then garnished with chocolate shavings. If you are eating from the same glass jug which the chocolate oats are mixed in, just add all the garnishes (berries, yogurt and chocolate) on top.

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  1. A filling and delicious meal to wake up to!

  2. I tried using dark chocolate chips before but chips are harder to bite on compared to the thinner shavings. What do you do with leftover chocolate bar after making the chocolate shavings? :p Or you make chocolate shavings out of the entire bar?

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