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Wasabi Soba Noodles

This is a quick and easy recipe for wasabi soba noodles (わさびそば). The wasabi gives the soba (そば buckwheat noodle) a pleasant and non-lingering hot kick to awaken the senses >0< This dish can be enjoyed on its own as a meatless meal, or paired with protein (chicken, prawns, salmon, tempeh, tofu) or added to a salad bowl. The soba sauce and vegetables are also non-cooking, making this a truly fuss-free recipe.

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Wasabi Paste
The wasabi paste tubes above are from Daiso. You can also buy them at supermarkets, or use the leftover wasabi sachets from taking-out sushi. Every brand of wasabi paste has different potency, so adjust the amount used accordingly.

Wasabi Cha Soba Recipe
The main ingredients of this dish are carrot, cucumber, wasabi paste and soba noodles. I’m using ‘cha soba’ (green tea buckwheat noodles) due to its attractive wasabi-like pale green tone, since the wasabi sauce (see picture below) is brown not green. You can use the normal brown soba or other noodles to substitute.

Wasabi Cha Soba Recipe
Make the sauce by whisking all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until it is smooth. The base sauce is made up of tahini which is pure sesame paste (can substitute with Japanese goma sauce), soy sauce, vinegar, minced garlic, ginger juice & of course, wasabi paste. Add the wasabi paste a little at a time, to taste, until you get a mild and pleasant wasabi kick. Adding too much wasabi will give an intense short burst of eye-searing & nose-clearing ‘shock’ with every bite :P

Kevala Sesame Tahini

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Wasabi Cha Soba Recipe
Add the noodles and rest of the ingredients to your bowl of wasabi sauce …

Wasabi Cha Soba Recipe
… and toss to coat everything evenly.

Wasabi Cha Soba Recipe

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  1. Not really into wasabi, but tahini-based sauce – yesss!

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