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Spinach Pesto

Since I always have frozen spinach in the fridge (note: you can use fresh baby spinach leaves too), I have been thinking about creative ways of using them. For those who prefer a milder and sweeter version of the traditional basil pesto, this recipe is for you.

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Using frozen spinach is cheaper and more convenient than fresh baby spinach leaves, plus I can’t really tell the difference with the end result. Now I can make the pesto anytime I fancy!

Spinach Pesto Pasta Recipe

Pesto is really easy to make with a food processor, keeps well in fridge and freezer, and you can make so many quick meals with it! The first meal I made with it is spinach pesto pasta. Tomorrow, I’ll be making salmon pesto in paper parcels for dinner!

Spinach Pesto Recipe

2 comments on “Spinach Pesto”

  1. I love any kind of pesto and spinach is one my top favourites.

  2. Love pesto! But I did not make it this year as the homegrown basil did not grow too well.

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