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Baked Mussels

Here’s a very simple recipe for baked mussels on half-shell with mayonnaise, pasta sauce (tomato), spinach and cheese. I chanced upon this somewhat unusual combination, as I was experimenting on the same day two batches of baked mussels – one with mayonnaise, and the other with instant pasta sauce. Just for fun, I combined both sauces for the last few mussels, and to my surprise it is quite yummy!

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Top the mussels with some chopped spinach and cheese before baking. I used only a little cheese, but if you like, you can cover the entire mussels with a thick layer of cheese. You can also reduce or omit the pasta sauce if you don’t like the sauce to be too sweet.

Frozen Half-Shell Mussels

This is the box of frozen mussels I used. I found these frozen half shells as good as the fresh ones. You can get those from New Zealand too (common for blue shell mussels). Thaw them before use – one easy way is to transfer them (not the whole box, but only what you need) from the freezer to the fridge the night before.

Baked Mussels Recipe

3 comments on “Baked Mussels”

  1. I would devour the whole plate! Light yet flavourful!

  2. Very yummy, even though I don’t normally enjoy mussels, these are so delicious that I can eat several at a go.

  3. Sounds like a creative “yuan yang” combination. :)

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