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Spinach Egg Drop Soup

This Chinese spinach egg drop soup (苋菜蛋花汤) is so fuss-free, it can be made at short notice. I love that this egg drop soup is both a soup and veggie dish in one bowl, so I only need one other main to make dinner complete.

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Spinach Egg Drop Soup Recipe
The egg flowers (蛋花) in this soup are silky soft and tender. Together with Chinese spinach leaves & tomato, this soup is meatless and very easy on the tummy. Compared to my corn egg drop soup with a thicker soup consistency & fine delicate egg flowers, this spinach version is more soupy with larger egg “ribbons”.

Spinach Egg Drop Soup Ingredients
The main ingredients pictured above (not actual amount) are simple stuff such as tomato, garlic, ginger, egg and corn starch. For the spinach,  I always use the tender leaves of Chinese round/sharp/baby sharp spinach. One can also use western salad baby spinach leaves but that’s a lot more expensive than our local spinach.

Spinach Egg Drop Soup Recipe
Serve this dish as a soup or side dish to any Chinese meal, eat it on its own as a low carb meal, or add glass noodles to make it a simple one-dish meal.

3 comments on “Spinach Egg Drop Soup”

  1. Light, fresh and delicious..haven’t had a egg drop soup in ages..now you have me crave one large bowl.

  2. Love the idea of adding spinach to the egg drop soup

  3. OMG! Tomato egg drop soup here and tomato and egg soup in the next!

    I made tomato egg soup too, and was writing about these two “soups” in my upcoming post. 实在太巧了

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