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Fish Maw Soup

One of my favourite Chinese New Year (CNY) ingredients is fish maw. I like to eat it throughout the year, and not just during this festive season. It’s actually the swim bladder found in certain fish, and scary as it may sound to some, I love the taste and texture. They are delicious when braised or in steamboat, but one of my favourite ways of eating it is to make fish maw soup, like those chunky shark fin soup served during Chinese wedding dinners. Another good news for fish maw lovers is that it is said to be high in collagen.

Fish Maw Soup Recipe

Fish Maw

When buying fish maw, go for higher grade ones without the “greasy stink” though I know some people actually like this smell. Soaking the fish maw in hot water until softened then squeezing out the liquid and repeating this process help greatly to remove the smell. My favourite are threadfin fish maw which is soft without weird smell and cooks quickly.

19 comments on “Fish Maw Soup”

  1. Mmmm…my favourite but I won’t know how to cook it like you did. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I don’t think I can find fish maw and abalone here.

  2. This is new dish for me. Looks totally yummy! Fish maw? Wondering whether I can get that here :)

  3. Oh yes, with black vinegar, the soup taste very nice. :P

  4. I ate fish maw soup 2 days ago. Mine didn’t have abalones as they are pretty pricey here ! I want moree

  5. Hi Wiffy
    i never tasted fish maw until i met my MIL. it is simply out of this world! on the topic of abalone, do u know how the restaurants make them to soft & juicy that they melt in the mouth? a cabby once told me to boil an unopened can of abalone for 2 hours to get that texture. i have yet to try it though & wonder if u’ve ever heard of such a method?

    • Hi xan I’ve never tried simmering my canned abalone before. I eat it out of the can. For restaurants’ abalone, I always thought they used dried abalone and not can ones.

  6. Very festive and so CNY! Wish I can have a bowl.

  7. I also enjoy fish maw in soup! All the soup goodness “sponged” up in the fish maw.

  8. Wiffy, you are making me drool over the keyboard…this is one of my favorite Asian soup…yours look even tastier with abalone :-)

  9. wow, what luxurious goodness in a bowl!! Totally drool-worthy!

  10. wow.. this is really a bowl of goodness!!

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