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Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage

In this sautéed prosciutto cabbage recipe, I used the fats rendered by making prosciutto crisps to season a packet of shredded coleslaw mix/cabbage. You can easily replace the prosciutto in this recipe with streaky bacon. There was a good deal for a short-dated packet of prosciutto (parma ham) at the supermarket. Prosciutto is really expensive here, so I never resist a sale. I had no issues with the short expiry, as I used the entire packet at one go. I used half the prosciutto crisps for this recipe, and the other half to make a crispy prosciutto bits salad.

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Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Recipe
One of the ways to serve this dish is to melt a piece of sliced cheese over the sautéed cabbage. It is more decadent but definitely more delicious too!


Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Collage

STEP 1: 

Crispy Prosciutto (in the Pan)
Cook prosciutto strips in a pan until crisp and its fats rendered out (pictured above). Set aside the crispy prosciutto on a plate.


Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Recipe
Cook shredded cabbage in the same pan with the rendered prosciutto fats, olive oil, onion, chicken stock and any herbed salt & pepper blend.

SunDried Tomatoes Salt & Pepper Blend
I am using this bottle of sun-dried tomato, mildly spicy salt & pepper blend. I bought this from iHerb (affiliate link). You can also use any favourite herbed S&P blend, or an all-purpose seasoning + salt + black pepper to season the dish.


For the basic version, just serve the cooked sautéed cabbage with generous topping of crispy prosciutto:

Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Recipe

To make the cheesy version,  simply melt a piece of sliced cheese over the cooked cabbage in the microwave oven, then top it with some prosciutto crisps:

Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Recipe

Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage (Sliced Cheese)

Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage Recipe

3 comments on “Sautéed Prosciutto Cabbage”

  1. My favourite ham! This is a simple yet very yummy dish.

  2. Me too! Hard for me to resist food sale items and I am not that fussy with short expiry as well. Here, sometimes I get very good deals on already expired items (e.g. cooked packaged sausages, snacks, cookies).

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