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Claypot Liver with Ginger & Spring Onions

Claypot Liver

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Note: First posted in Nov 2007, now updated with new photos and cooking tips.

Chinese-style Liver with Ginger & Spring Onions (煲仔姜葱猪肝), usually served in a claypot, is one of my favorite Chinese dishes. It is definitely much cheaper to cook this dish at home instead of eating at restaurants, which is not only pricey but sometimes the liver turns out over-cooked.

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Liver is said to be beneficial to ladies especially after that time of the month. Check out the following cooking tips for cooking deliciously tender liver.

Ginger & Scallions Liver

Tips for stir-frying liver

  1. Get the freshest pig’s liver money can buy (usually at the wet market) and preferably cook them on the same day. I thank my sis Amy for gifting me freshest-ever liver from her supplier friend. She delivered them to me the minute they were air-frown from US.
  2. Use lots of ginger and spring onions as they compliment & counter the strong smell of the liver.
  3. Do not overcook the liver as they will turn hard & chewy instead of soft & tender. Perfectly cooked liver should be mostly cooked on the surface, but slightly pink when you bite into it.
  4. If  you do not like the lingering smell of raw liver on your hands, wear disposable plastic gloves when slicing the liver.
  5. For best results, cook and serve this dish in a claypot though it is perfectly fine to cook this dish in a regular wok or pan.

23 comments on “Claypot Liver with Ginger & Spring Onions”

  1. I love to cook liver in claypot too. It is very easy to cook and ready in a couple of minutes.

  2. Very nutritious and flavourful!

  3. I nearly forgot about this dish!! childhood times :)

  4. That looks very delicious. I grew up eating a lot of liver because my mom loves to eat liver. She always cooks it in soup. I would love to cook someday, the dry way like yours. Liver here is cheap cos no many people wants to eat. Good for me….hehe

  5. Are those little bunnies on the chopsticks? Oh my….SO cute! Great presentation on the dish too, as always. :)

    • Yes, you’re so sharp! I bought these chopsticks during my recent Taiwan trip… I also bought matching bunny chopstick holder. Wanted to wait for an Easter recipe for them to make “debut”, but I can’t wait! LOL

  6. Wiffy, it has been long time not visiting here. Anyway these newer pics look more tempting thou I don’t eat liver. Can we alyways substitute with beef liver? *thinking to make for somebody* :D

  7. When you buy from iherb, do u ship via DHL/UPS or vpost? Which is cheapest? Thanks

  8. I love liver, but unfortunately my husband cannot even look at it :), therefore I never cook, just buy ready made from restaurants…I’d love to make this at home…yum!
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

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