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Chinese Pork Liver Soup

liver soup

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This recipe may sound fearsome to some, this is a Chinese-style soup which you either love or hate. Liver is very nutritious, and helps to relieve fatigue and blood deficiency. My mum regularly cook this pork liver soup for us when we were young and I grew up loving it.

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The tips to making a nice bowl of liver soup, to me, is to (1) use the freshest liver, (2) lots and lots of ginger and (3) do not over-cook the liver. As you can see, my bowl is topped with perhaps an over-surplus of ginger (and just the way I like it)! For best results, cook and serve this dish in a claypot though it is perfectly fine to cook this dish in a regular pot. You can add some mee suah to the soup for an easy one-dish meal.

pork liver soup

Tips for cooking pork liver

  • Get the freshest pig’s liver money can buy (usually at the wet market) and preferably cook them on the same day.
  • Use lots of ginger as they compliment & counter the strong smell of the liver.
  • Do not overcook the liver as they will turn hard & chewy instead of soft & tender. Perfectly cooked liver should be mostly cooked on the surface, but slightly pink when you bite into it (as shown in picture above).
  • If you do not like the lingering smell of raw liver on your hands, wear disposable plastic gloves when slicing the liver.

14 comments on “Chinese Pork Liver Soup”

  1. This brings back memory. When I was a child my mom used to cook this. I loved it with lots of ginger and pepper. I haven’t had this for a long long time.c

  2. Love this very much and it has been ages I didn’t have this. It really brings back the memory and I used to have this almost everyday during my 1 month confinement .

  3. It is not scary to me as I also grew up eating such dishes, either stir-fry pork liver with ginger or kidney-liver mee sua soup (something like your dish) :) …but I don’t think I have access to fresh pork liver over here other than fresh chicken liver.

    Some women do not like this dish unless “forced” to eat them during confinement. :p

  4. Hi Wiffy

    I prefer Pig Organ Soup than this, could you help to come out a recipe for Pig Organ Soup? I miss salted vegetable ;o).


  5. loved the gingery warmth in this stewy soup,amazing flavors :-)


  7. Yum, definitely need the ginger, remember my mom used to make this.

  8. Yummy and homey dish.

  9. If wanna add cooking wine how mani tbsp?

  10. Hi,
    love your easy recipe. May I ask the liver need to have a special way to clean it before you cook? (Like the pig stomach in your recipe)

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