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Seafood Porridge

I made this seafood porridge (海鮮粥) with scallops, clams and prawns in 20 minutes. It is sumptuous and easy to make.

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Short-cuts. The night before, I tabaoed (takeaway) 2 packets of cooked rice from a Chinese food stall so that I don’t have to cook the rice (yes, I am lazy). The seafood soup base is also very easy, made up of chicken stock & water. The clams and prawn heads provided the much needed seafood umami depth to the soup.

Seafood Porridge Recipe

The seafood. In my bowl, there are clams, scallops and prawns. I used bigger scallops and prawns, and their cooking time synced nicely with the clams, which is about 4 minutes. You can also substitute with other seafood such as mussels, squid and sliced fish.

Seafood Porridge Recipe
The rice soaks up the soup very quickly, so do cook and serve the porridge while it is piping hot.

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  1. Reminds me of seafood porridge in Taiwan leh….did you try any seafood porridge in Taiwan?

  2. What a easy quick and delicious recipe. I didn’t have rice wine/sake so I skipped it. Adding fish sauce for me was crucial as well as the garlic oil. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! Helps me survive now that I live away from Singapore. :D

  3. this looks amazing

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