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Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl

Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl

As this rice bowl is made entirely from meal prep (cooking more in advance), the individual recipes are listed at the ingredient section.

You can eat this on its own or to accompany it with any meat as a main course.


Meal Prep

Click on each link below to get the recipe which can be prepared days in advanced. I serve them cold (room temperature) without reheating. The links with * are meal prep recipes for Japanese ramen.

Also in my fridge & reheated in the microwave:

  • cooked rice (keeps for 5-7 days)
  • any leftover meat (I had leftover takeaway ngoh hiang the night before)


  • chopped spring onions
  • beni shoga (picked red ginger)


  1. Reheat the rice and meat in the microwave oven at 850W for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Having a small ramekin of water in the oven helps the rice to be more moist after reheating.
  2. Assemble and serve. Place reheated rice in a mini donburi bowl and top with all the food and garnishes.
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2 comments on “Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl”

  1. I miss those 5 spice meat rolls! Love them with a spicy sauce for appetizer. This is a really nice meal.

  2. Haha, I saw those ngoh hiang in the black fungus post first ;p…now the mystery is solved.

    Ya, not cooking on the actual day but you still have to prepare and cook all the wonderful sides on some day right? I use store-bought cooked meat quite often, so sometimes family meal is not entirely
    homemade from scratch but semi-homemade is good enough.

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