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Kenny Roger’s Garden Pasta

This is my copycat attempt at recreating the garden pasta served at Kenny Roger Roasters. It is one of the many side dishes choices when you order a quarter chicken at the restaurant. For some reason, I love Kenny Roger’s garden pasta a lot during my school days and I would takeaway only the pasta. Being the first tangy pasta I have eaten, it appealed to my taste buds a lot especially back then. I wanted to make this pasta at home because I honestly don’t think the food quality at Kenny Roger’s is worth my money :P I made my own version so that I can enjoy this garden pasta anytime while reminiscing the past.

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Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe

The key toppings in Kenny Roger’s garden pasta are red bell pepper, broccoli, carrot and red onion. The homemade version is really generous with the toppings.


Cooking Broccoli Florets
Boil or steam broccoli florets. Drain the cooked broccoli and cool down under running water. Set aside.

Garden Pasta with Italian Vinaigrette Recipe
Cook spiral pasta (or any favourite pasta) in a boiling pot of salted water until al dente (firm with a bite).  Drain the pasta and cool down under running water. Set aside.

Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe (Pasta Dressing)

Make the pasta dressing, which is an Italian vinaigrette base. Add olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried Italian vinaigrette & dried parsley flakes & chicken seasoning powder (yes, strange ingredient, I know).

Side Note: There is a powdery seasoning on Kenny Roger’s pasta which I think is similar to those powder seasoning for dry instant noodles? While I am unable to duplicate that, I used Knorr MSG-free chicken seasoning powder and LKK low-sodium soy sauce for a more savoury depth. 

Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe (Pasta Dressing)
Whisk the pasta dressing by hand or a milk frother which gets the job done effortlessly in seconds.

Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe (Step-by-Step)
In a large bowl, add cooked pasta, prepared broccoli, red onion, thinly sliced red bell pepper and shredded carrot. Pour the prepared pasta sauce over. Then mix well.

Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe (Step-by-Step)
I used low-sodium soy sauce (another unusual ingredient in a pasta dish) to season the pasta to taste. It should be enough to make the pasta salty, but not enough to taste the soy sauce. Season the pasta to taste. If you like your pasta more tangy, add more vinegar.

Kenny Roger Garden Pasta Recipe
Mix well and the pasta is done!

3 comments on “Kenny Roger’s Garden Pasta”

  1. Homemade is way to go! This looks refreshing, delicious and very satisfying.

  2. I don’t remember having eaten Kenny Roger’s garden pasta leh! I can only remember it’s corn bread and puff-pastry soup!

  3. wowee this is a gem!

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