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Easy Stir-fry Cabbage

A simple dish of stir-fry cabbage is a very healthy and delicious side-dish to complement any Chinese home-cooked meal. I love to buy half a head of cabbage on my weekly grocery trip because it is cheap, versatile and keeps well in the fridge.

Economical Fried Bee Hoon Recipe
This simmered/stir-fry style is a popular side-dish in  economical bee hoon.

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If you have limited time like me to cook on weekdays nights, this recipe is for you. Instead of prepping dried shrimps to sweeten the dish, I use instant chicken stock as a short-cut. Depending on the brand of chicken stock you use (the tetra-pak type is more rich; and those without MSG is less salty), you may want to season the cabbage stew with just a little light soy sauce or fish sauce (I usually don’t though). If you are cooking a Chinese clear soup on the day (such as ABC soup), you can also use that in place of instant soup stock.

Easy Cabbage Recipe

3 comments on “Easy Stir-fry Cabbage”

  1. Easy peasy and tasty! I love it!

  2. One of my go-to dishes to cook as well, when I run out of fancy ideas. :) So simple and comforting.

  3. Goes well every time with Chap Chye Peng.

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