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Fried Tang Hoon

In the last recipe, I featured fried tom yum tang hoon. This is the non-spicy, “more normal” version of fried tang hoon. I like both versions equally! “Tang hoon” is the local name of this transparent noodles. It may be more commonly known as mung bean noodles or glass noodles elsewhere. I love tang hoon because of its lovely texture which is slightly chewy. It is bland tasting on its own, but soaks up any delicious sauce it is cooked in. It’s also considered a complex carb so it is a little more weight-friendly for carb-watchers.

More ‘Tang Hoon’ aka Glass Noodles Recipes:

Fried Tang Hoon Recipe

There are a lot of ingredients in this bowl (seafood, beancurd and veg) because this was a one-dish meal for us, and I was clearing the fridge as I was going overseas. I’m typing this post in my hotel room in Taipei right now!

Fried Tang Hoon Recipe

5 comments on “Fried Tang Hoon”

  1. I love both versions too. You cook just like a star chef, Wiffy.

  2. Full of flavour and yummy texture.

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  5. When to add the chicken stock (water) into the frying?

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