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Scallops Grain Bowl

Scallops Grain Bowl

You can add add more ingredients (such as an egg or sliced avocado) to make this basic bowl even more sumptuous.


  • one-pan scallops and cherry tomatoes (get the recipe here)
  • 200 grams salad greens (such as romaine lettuce, baby spinach etc) washed and spinned dry
  • 2 servings (about 150 grams) cooked quinoa (get the recipe here)
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce

(A) Japanese Goma-Ponzu Dressing

This measurement is for one person and multiplies well for multiple servings.

  • 1 tbsp Japanese goma (roasted sesame) sauce
  • 3/4 tbsp Japanese ponzu (citrus soy sauce)
  • 1 tsp low-sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil


  1. Make one-pan scallops and vegetables. Follow this recipe to make one-pan grilled scallops and cherry tomatoes.
  2. Season the quinoa (optional). Season cooked quinoa with sesame oil and soy sauce, if desired (skip this step if prefer plain, or if you used stock to cook the quinoa).
  3. Make the goma-ponzu dressing. For each individual serving of salad dressing, combine (A) in a small dressing bowl. Whisk (either by hand or using a latte whisk) until smooth and creamy.
  4. Assemble the salad grain bowl. Add salad leaves to serving bowl(s). Top each bowl with scallops, roasted cherry tomatoes, cooked quinoa and salad dressing at the side.
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  1. I am drooling over those meaty scallops!

  2. I will be famished, so let me have two bowls of that!

    P.S. You really eat quite little :O

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