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Claypot Yee Mee Noodles (Chicken)

This is our simple lunch of claypot chicken yee mee (yi mien) noodles (煲仔鸡肉伊面). It is fun to recreate the dine-in experience (especially now so that we can’t dine in for the time being) by having a bubbling claypot in front of you as you tuck in. As you see in the top pic, the claypot was so hot that when I took it off the heat, the egg is still uncooked…

Claypot Chicken Yi Mien Recipe
But don’t worry about having to eat a raw egg though. As the bubbling continues, the egg white becomes cooked (and now you can also see the chicken pieces previously buried).

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Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe


Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Ingredients
Main ingredients for two persons. Dried mushrooms + mushroom soaking liquid, eggs, marinated chicken, mixed frozen veggies (peas, corn & carrots), yee mee (yi mien) noodles, garnishes and a MSG-free chicken stock cube.

Marinated Chicken
Chicken. Since chicken is the main protein of this dish, I used my favourite cut, the thigh meat, without bones and skin. You can also use chicken breast instead. The chicken is cut to bite-sized pieces and then marinated in mirin, soy sauce, white pepper and sesame oil.

Dried Mushrooms
Dried Mushrooms provide an umami depth to the soup. I used dried mushrooms to reduce the need for fresh foods, where possible. Be sure to use the quick cooking type of dried mushrooms that cooks in minutes; usually they are the thinnest and cheapest variety. You can also substitute with fresh shiitake mushrooms which are fast to cook and prepare as you don’t need to soak the mushrooms.


Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe (Step 1)
In a claypot, bring water, mushroom soaking liquid, stock cube and ginger slices to a boil. Then add the mushrooms…

Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe (Step 3)
… and marinated chicken.

Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe (Step 2)
Cover the lid and cook for 3 minutes.

Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe (Step 4)
Add noodles and mixed veggies.

Claypot Chicken Yee Mee Recipe
Add the egg, take off from heat and let the egg cook in the bubbling soup.

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  2. Oh that bubbling claypot plus that runny egg, is so alluring!

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