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Soup Stock Pouch

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Disposable Soup Stock Pouch

These disposable soup stock pouches are quite handy to have in the kitchen, especially for making soups and stews. If there are small pieces of ingredients which you used in the cooking for flavour but you do not wish to have them in the final dish, you can place these ingredients in a soup bag. After cooking, you can discard the entire bag. It saves me a bit of time.

I bought the packet (as shown in the photo) at Daiso Singapore (for S$2), but you can also get them at provision shops.

To use, place ingredients in a stock stock bag, secure by turning the top flap inside out to prevent spillage. After cooking, discard the entire bag.

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs 茶叶蛋
My soup stock pouch used (contains tea leaf and assorted spices) when I made Chinese tea leaf eggs

Watercress soup with luo han guo
Placing a luo han guo fruit (monk’s fruit) in a soup stock pouch for making watercress soup

16 comments on “Soup Stock Pouch”

  1. They’re great, aren’t they? We put ikan bilis in them to make a stock for our Won Ton soup. It makes for a very clear stock.


  2. Ha! I didn’t know such a thing existed. Great idea; it must come in very handy. :)

  3. FANTASTIC! I was just wondering where in the world you got them from! Thanks wiffy!

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  5. How have I not found out about these until now? Just ordered some…cannot wait. You’ve got to love the Japanese for their fab ideas :D

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  8. which Daiso did you buy this stock pack from? i couldn’t find it in the daiso in Sengkang

  9. These are a great idea. I have empty tea bag pouches. Can I use those instead or will they disintegrate in during prolonged boiling.

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