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Blueberries are small (5–16 millimetres in diameter) purplish-blue berries (when ripen) which are in season in summer. They usually taste sweet, with a hint of tartness, with the degree of tartness depending on the harvest and source. Blueberries are distinguishable by its white waxy “film” on the surface of the skin that serves as a protective coat.

Health Benefits & Properties
Blueberries are known to tout a great host of health benefits such as being packed with antioxidants, improving eyesight & gastrointestinal health and protection against macular degeneration and cancer.

Fresh blueberries should be firm to the touch, has a uniform and bright purplish-blue colour, with no signs of wetness or rot.

Store fresh blueberries in a cool and dry place such as the vegetables compartment of the fridge. They can also be frozen for up to a year for future uses, usually in baking.

Common Uses
The entire fruit with its tiny seeds are edible. The berries can be eaten on its own. They are frequently used in sweet recipes such as drinks or muffins.

Check out recipes with blueberry as a key ingredient.

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