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Seafood Crispy Noodles (Sheng Mian)

sheng mian

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Mixed Seafood on Crispy Noodles (海鲜生面) is a Hong Kong/Cantonese-style dish which I really love, and it is my favourite zi char one-dish noodles meal.

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In Singapore, we call it Sheng Mian (生面) which literally translates as “raw noodles”. It comprises of assorted food (usually seafood, vegetables and/or sliced meat) cooked in a savoury gravy which is then drizzled over a nest of crispy noodles.

Ready-made "Ee Mee" noodles

Ready-made “Ee Mee” noodles

You can make your own crispy noodle nest by deep-frying them, or you can, like me, take the short-cut of using ready-made crispy noodles. If you are doing the short-cut way, ensure that the noodles will be cooked (they are usually a little harder than the freshly deep-fried ones) by ladling generous amounts of freshly cooked hot gravy over the crispy noodles. Within seconds, the noodles will cook and soften slightly, while absorbing all the delicious flavours from the sauce.

24 comments on “Seafood Crispy Noodles (Sheng Mian)”

  1. This look absolutely delicious!

  2. Delicious, who could resist a bowl of this?

  3. Your sheng mian is better than those served in the restaurant. So delicious with load of seafood. ;)

  4. Wow that looks tasty! I’ve eaten similar dishes while in restaurants and I love them!

  5. very beautiful presentation!

  6. Oh, I just want your noodles now for lunch :D It looks for neat and delicious…..mmm. It’s a long time I have not eaten this type of noodles. Hope to cook one day.

  7. Delicious!!! Just like from the zi char stall. With this recipe I don’t have to depend on the zi char stalls anymore

  8. Hi there, do you think it’s possible to omit the wine?

  9. I am contemplating to do the freshly fried ones but that sounds like a lot of work. haha will look for this kind of ready made noodles.

  10. Came across this page after having cooked the same dish with the 砂煲面 and wondering whether it was the right one as it was my first time making this at home. Glad to see it was. Yours looks excellent!

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