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Spinach, Pork & Century Egg Soup

I was inspired to cook this Chinese-style spinach, pork & century egg soup after eating a similar dish from a popular spinach soup stall at Amoy market. My bowl contains Chinese spinach, minced pork, century egg & wolfberries. The cooking time on the stove is only about 10 minutes! If you prepare the ingredients the night before (e.g. pluck & wash the veggies, marinate the meat etc), you can whip this up effortlessly and quickly when you reach home after work.

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Chinese Spinach, Pork & Century Egg Soup Recipe
The Chinese spinach leaves need to be cooked in the boiling soup for only about a minute or two, so this soup cooks quickly. Avoid overcooking the spinach so that it returns its vibrant green hue when served.

Chinese Spinach, Pork & Century Egg Soup Recipe
The minced pork is marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese wine & corn flour. It is tender and flavourful after cooking. If you don’t consume pork, use minced chicken instead. Serve this homely spinach soup with a bowl of rice or add noodles pasta (bee hoon, tang hoon, macaroni) to make it a one-dish meal.

2 comments on “Spinach, Pork & Century Egg Soup”

  1. I miss century eggs so much!!! This looks so delightful :-))

  2. Yes, it is always the prep. work that takes up most time. If someone can do the meal prep for me, I don’t mind the cooking, really….lol

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