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Pork Yakisoba

This is a simple pork yakisoba with cabbage, onion and bean sprouts using a homemade Yakisoba sauce. It makes a filling one-dish meal with noodles, meat and veggies in one plate. Yakisoba (焼きそば) means Japanese-style fried noodles. After testing & tweaking the recipe, this is one Yakisoba that is full-flavoured just like those I usually takeaway from the Japanese supermarkets. I think homemade yakisoba is slightly healthier due to the healthier oil (I used olive oil) & generous veggies. I can’t wait to cook different versions of Yakisoba in future with this base recipe.

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1. Yakisoba Noodles

Fresh Yakisoba Noodles from Donki

Fresh Yakisoba Noodles
I bought fresh yakisoba noodles from Donki SG. This is so far the cheapest yakisoba noodles I am able to find. It bought 3 packets for about $3.90. It comes with 3 sachets of seasoning powder, but I don’t use them as the taste is not to my liking. You can buy fresh or dried yakisoba noodles from the Japanese cooking aisles in supermarkets.

2. Japanese Worcestershire Sauce

Japanese Worcestershire Sauce
I prefer to make my own yakisoba sauce because I can adjust the flavour to my liking. The most important ingredient for making the sauce is Japanese Worcestershire sauce. I bought my bottle or worcestershire sauce (pictured above) from Daiso. After buying it, I read that there is the more famous “Bull Dog” brand but oh well, I already bought mine. I am satisfied with the results of the one I bought, but I may try out the more famous brand when I finished my current bottle.

3. Shabu Shabu (Thinly Sliced) Pork Belly

Thinly Sliced Pork Belly for Yakisoba

I used shabu shabu pork belly which is thin meat slices for hotpot. They cook really fast. Just cut them to short sections before stir-frying.


Marinated Pork Belly for Yakisoba
Marinate shabu shabu pork slices in sake & a bit of light soy sauce and/or salt & pepper. This will remove any strong smell from the pork.

Fresh Yakisoba Noodles
Prepare yakisoba noodles by heating the block of noodles in the microwave oven. This will help the noodles loosen easily without breaking during stir-frying.

Sauce for Yakisoba Recipe
Prepare yakisoba sauce by combining Japanese worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce & light soy sauce. Stir to mix well.


Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)
Add pork with a bit of oil in pan. Fry until cooked & set aside on a plate.

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)
Add cabbage, carrot, onion, chicken stock (or water) and salt & pepper. Pan fry until the cabbage starts to soften, then add bean sprouts.

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)
If your cabbage remains raw, add a small splash of water, cover with lid to steam for 1 minute.

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)

Sauce for Yakisoba Recipe
Add prepared noodles. Add a bit of sake or water over the noodles, then loosen them with chopsticks or spatula.

Pork Cabbage (Step-by-Step)
Return cooked pork back to the pan. Pour the prepared Yakisoba sauce over the contents (pictured above) and pan fry briskly in high heat until everything is well combined.

Pork Yakisoba Recipe

Garnish with Japanese red pickled ginger, bonito flakes and dried seaweed flakes and it’s done!

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  1. Your stirfried soba looks really appetizing! Very flavourful yet light and delicious.

  2. I know it’s yakisoba but it should be called yumisoba (not “yucky”) right? :p lol

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