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Shrimp Roe Powder

Shrimp Roe Powder
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Dried shrimp roe powder (虾子 or “Ha-Zi” in Cantonese) is a Chinese condiment and delicacy of Macau and Hong Kong origins. It is made from salt-curing shrimp roe (crustaceans). You can sprinkle it over thin egg noodles to make the famous Macau shrimp roe noodles (虾子面), or many Chinese dishes such as oyster sauce kailan, for instant seafood umami goodness.

Recipes using this ingredient:

It is pleasantly salty so you don’t need to season your dish that much if you are using the powder. I found my bottle from the supermarket chain City Super in Hong Kong. The little bottle above (60 grams) cost HK$68 if I remember correctly (a little more than S$10). It isn’t cheap but a little sure goes a long way. Keep the bottle refrigerated.

Shrimp Roe Powder

For best results, toast the powder in a dry pan over medium heat just before sprinkling over foods. Within a minute, you should smell the seafood fragrance of the dried shrimp roe powder. Check out Check out all recipes with shrimp roe powder as a key ingredient.

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  1. Sorry just read your separate post about buying from HK. You can delete my comment.

  2. A friend bought 2 bottles for me from hong kong and is passing to me on monday so i can finally try this: ) mean time a staff from a local ntuc shared with me recently that a shop at circular road may have it as it sells hong konh goods and it found it: ) i think a about 40g jar cost s$ 6. 90 fron patchun( 17- 19 south bride road, singapore 058660) tel: 64380480 email: singapore@ patchun.com http://www.patchun.com: ) hope this helps fellow cooks!

    • Thanks so much for the sic! Will check it out when my bottles run out. And let me know your feedback if you try out the recipes :)

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