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Fruity Snow Fungus Soup (Mango, Kiwi)

This fruity snow fungus soup (鲜果雪儿糖水) is made up of the basic snow fungus soup recipe and fruits, specifically mango & kiwi. Last week, we had snow fungus soup almost every day. I took the chance to update the original recipe posted 10 years ago (how time flies!) with ingredients, step-by-step photos, and tips on selecting good quality fungus. Eating the same dessert daily was not boring, in case you are wondering, since I made small variations each time. Like in this case, with the base snow fungus soup, just adding two types of cubed fruits enhanced the aesthetics & taste of this dessert.

Fruity Snow Fungus Soup Recipe

Base Recipe:
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Fruity Snow Fungus Soup Recipe

The sweet mango and the slightly tangy kiwi offer a harmony of contrasting flavours which complement the mildly sweetened snow fungus “tong shui” (糖水/Chinese sweet soup). This is too pretty!

Snow Fungus Soup Dessert Recipe

This is my pot of snow fungus soup bubbling away when it is almost complete.

3 comments on “Fruity Snow Fungus Soup (Mango, Kiwi)”

  1. This is one of my favourite summer desserts. Yours looks so pretty with mango and kiwi.

  2. How interesting! I’ve never heard of snow fungus soup. I want to try it!

  3. Much more color with the added fruits – not only aesthetics & taste but more nutritious too!

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