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Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip

When I name my recipes, I’m always unimaginative and factual. Call a yam rice, yam rice and a chocolate lava cake, chocolate lava cake. With the same principles in mind, I am naming this dip an “insanely hot chilli dip” because that is exactly what it is. This chilli sauce is really potent because it is primarily made up of seeds-on chilli padi (bird’s eye chili).

Chilli Padi Dip
Dipping shabu shabu meat slices in this spicy chilli padi sauce

It is so hot that it is almost mindless – even though my nose was running and my eyes were tearing from dipping my foods in it (not a pretty sight), I still persisted because it is so shiok (Singapore slang; satisfaction for eating something yummy). I love to make this easy chilli dip for steamboat, specifically for dipping shabu shabu meat slices.

Want to try it out but can’t take the heat? You can de-seed the chilli (wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent chilli burn) and it will be manageable. I did that once and my guests do not find this chilli dip spicy at all. But if you leave the seeds on, and increase the number of chilli padi used, I dare say this dip is not for the faint-hearted. You can adjust the heat of the dip by adjusting the number of chilli padi used (the more the hotter), and so I think the heat meter has no limit. My fiery threshold is 10-12 chilli padi (with a box of tissue next to me), what is yours?

Hot Chilli Padi Dip Recipe

Good news for chilli lovers – chilli is said to contain high levels of Vitamin C and can boost metabolism rate.

56 comments on “Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip”

  1. Nice to learn another chili sauce, I love spicy food recently : )

  2. I’m lovin’ the looks of this dip!

  3. I don’t know if I could handle that, but I would totally try. I love spicy!

  4. This i a kind of sauce that is always good to have around :-) Although I’d make my less hot ;-)

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  6. So *that’s* what that is!! I’ve seen this at a few restaurants, but didn’t dare to try it. It looks so yummy, and I like dishes with a bit of spice (though this one sounds pretty dangerous lol!)

    Once again your photos are getting better and better all the time!

    • yes this sauce is really potent and dangerous lol … you should try something milder if you are not accustomed to eating spicy foods hehe

      Thanks so much for your encouragement! Love ya ;)

  7. Insanely hot? Bring it on! If bird’s eye chiles are as incendiary as habaneros, this might blow my head off :vangry:, but it’s worth at least a taste. Stunning shots, Wiffy.

    • haha love your sporting nature … yes you are right though that it’s worth a try ;) Thanks for your nice words Susan :)

  8. Looks like something to eat when my face is congested from a cold. I love anything spicy and throat burning when I down with the flu and I’m all stuffy. Gives me relief.

  9. LOL! I love how you go about with your write-up here! Your insanely hot cili padi dip sure looks shiok!! Never thought of eating it with shabu-shabu. Creative!

  10. It looks insanely perfect for meats….and other insanely delicious stuff!

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