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Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip

When I name my recipes, I’m always unimaginative and factual. Call a yam rice, yam rice and a chocolate lava cake, chocolate lava cake. With the same principles in mind, I am naming this dip an “insanely hot chilli dip” because that is exactly what it is. This chilli sauce is really potent because it is primarily made up of seeds-on chilli padi (bird’s eye chili).

Chilli Padi Dip
Dipping shabu shabu meat slices in this spicy chilli padi sauce

It is so hot that it is almost mindless – even though my nose was running and my eyes were tearing from dipping my foods in it (not a pretty sight), I still persisted because it is so shiok (Singapore slang; satisfaction for eating something yummy). I love to make this easy chilli dip for steamboat, specifically for dipping shabu shabu meat slices.

Want to try it out but can’t take the heat? You can de-seed the chilli (wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent chilli burn) and it will be manageable. I did that once and my guests do not find this chilli dip spicy at all. But if you leave the seeds on, and increase the number of chilli padi used, I dare say this dip is not for the faint-hearted. You can adjust the heat of the dip by adjusting the number of chilli padi used (the more the hotter), and so I think the heat meter has no limit. My fiery threshold is 10-12 chilli padi (with a box of tissue next to me), what is yours?

Hot Chilli Padi Dip Recipe

Good news for chilli lovers – chilli is said to contain high levels of Vitamin C and can boost metabolism rate.

56 comments on “Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip”

  1. it really looks insanely hot and spicy!!

  2. Spicy but shiok! I want! ;)

  3. You’re hardcore! I can’t handle that much spicy so I just barely dip it into chili sauce.

  4. I can’t eat anything insanely hot anymore. All these years of living overseas tone down my tolerance of heat.

    • nooo ching. you must “tune” back to eating spicy foods so that we can see more spicy recipes on your blog hehe

  5. wow… looks spicy enough to make me sweat!!

  6. I love it when something is so spicy it makes me cry–so this sounds perfect!

  7. Hi … same like Thai style, our dish always have chilli dip too. Your chilli padi dip look nice and spicy. I like it!

    • Are you Thai? I love Thai food! Just came back from Bangkok and I must say all the different sauces and dips are so spicy and yummy :up:

    • Yes, wiffy… I’m a Thai leaving in Singapore with my family. Thai food also must spicy and hot then will be nice too hehehe….

    • That’s awesome! I love Thai food. You have to teach me some Thai recipes one day :)

  8. this is fabulous! I will definitely be striking a pose! give it to me babe! hot chilli sauce! :)

  9. So many seeds! I don’t think I can take this heat! I like chili but not to the extent of the chili numbing me much and I can’t taste other food anymore! :O

  10. Neturalize the heat???!!! And give up those endorphins? No Way!! I don’t know what our heat level is, but everytime we’re in Thailand the people always have fun telling us we eat like the locals- love local street foods!
    On my FB wall I posted this question for you- “Gonna have to try this one! It’s a little different from the one we use (learned to make in Thailand) using green and red chilies, w/sugar, naam pla, vinegar,limes & garlic- if it has a name, can you tell it to me?” Thanks Noob!

    • do you mean the name of the sauce you learned in Thailand? I’m not too well versed in Thai food but it sounds like a “Prik Nam Pla” (chillis in fish sauce). your recipe sounds yummy!

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