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Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip

When I name my recipes, I’m always unimaginative and factual. Call a yam rice, yam rice and a chocolate lava cake, chocolate lava cake. With the same principles in mind, I am naming this dip an “insanely hot chilli dip” because that is exactly what it is. This chilli sauce is really potent because it is primarily made up of seeds-on chilli padi (bird’s eye chili).

Chilli Padi Dip
Dipping shabu shabu meat slices in this spicy chilli padi sauce

It is so hot that it is almost mindless – even though my nose was running and my eyes were tearing from dipping my foods in it (not a pretty sight), I still persisted because it is so shiok (Singapore slang; satisfaction for eating something yummy). I love to make this easy chilli dip for steamboat, specifically for dipping shabu shabu meat slices.

Want to try it out but can’t take the heat? You can de-seed the chilli (wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent chilli burn) and it will be manageable. I did that once and my guests do not find this chilli dip spicy at all. But if you leave the seeds on, and increase the number of chilli padi used, I dare say this dip is not for the faint-hearted. You can adjust the heat of the dip by adjusting the number of chilli padi used (the more the hotter), and so I think the heat meter has no limit. My fiery threshold is 10-12 chilli padi (with a box of tissue next to me), what is yours?

Hot Chilli Padi Dip Recipe

Good news for chilli lovers – chilli is said to contain high levels of Vitamin C and can boost metabolism rate.

56 comments on “Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip”

  1. So this is going to boost my metabolism and is super shiok? Well, I must try it! I am a bit chicken when it comes to eating insanely hot food but will try it with your tips to lessen the heat. Thanks!

    • I’m sure after a few rounds of “training”, you will progress to the “insane” level and increase the heat ;)

  2. Wiffy, that looks err … insanely hot! LOL. I’d prob need your tissues as well as an ice cold sugar cane drink next to me. :D But as with all dishes that require a dip, the hotter the better!!

  3. Anything chilli hot, love it! Just drink milk after that hehehe … :lol:

  4. AWSOME! I can feel the heat here. hahaa, bird eye chili are precious here to me and I love it with soy and lime as well. Superb spiciness!

    • I remembered buying bird’s eye chili by weight at a Melbourne supermarket and paid like S$5 (instead of S$0.50) for a small packet. So I know what you meant by “precious”. hehe

  5. Bring on the heat! Love spicy food.

  6. My gosh….that looks extremely hot…all the chili seeds floating there!

  7. This looks more deadly than the Thai chilli dip… great dip for steamboats. Hot (temperature) + Hot (taste) = very shiok :up: :D

    • haha i agree with you. It’s shiok to eat steamboat on a hot day with hot dip and sweat it out … free detox and suana :P

  8. What a great dip and I am already imagining the chilli padi taste on my tongue! Sizzle … sizzle!

  9. Hello wiffy! nice blog and design! r u using WP may I ask?

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