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Shrimp & Celery Stir-fry

This is a simple, homely Chinese stir-fry of shrimp & celery. It is light and fresh tasting. As both the main ingredients namely shrimps (prawns) and celery cook fast, the cooking time on the stove is only about 5 minutes.

Shrimp & Celery Stir-fry Recipe

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Shrimp & Celery Stir-fry Recipe
This simple stir-fry goes well as a side dish served with steamed rice.

Shrimp & Celery Stir-fry Recipe
Just stir fry celery and shrimps with garlic, ginger, garlic salt (pictured above) & Chinese wine. If you don’t have garlic salt, use any favourite seasonings (such as salt, fish sauce, seasoning sauce, mushroom powder or light soy sauce).

Straight from the wok.

2 comments on “Shrimp & Celery Stir-fry”

  1. I also cooked this exact same dish before! Love the crunch of celery in stir-fry like this.

  2. This looks delightful! Those meaty shrimps look utterly delicious.

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