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Salmon Rice Porridge

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, this is a wholesome dish to cook during the 15 days of celebration. This bowl of salmon rice porridge (三文鱼稀饭) – consisting of multigrain brown rice, assorted diced vegetables and omega-loaded salmon – will be a healthy change amidst all the feasting. If you have visitors streaming in at different times of the day, this recipe includes instruction to allow each bowl to be made-to-order and cooked on-the-spot.

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For those feeling under the weather, this is a good dish for recuperation as this rice porridge is easy to digest and nutritious.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe Step-by-Step Photos

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
In this recipe, I cooked the base multi-grain porridge and salmon soup stock separately. This way, the porridge stock is not diluted, and there is also an option not to make all the salmon rice porridge at once. It sounds like more work, but it isn’t really, because I used the rice cooker (more on that below) to make the base multi-grain porridge which takes away the bulk of the hard work.

Marinate Salmon

Marinated Salmon Fillet
Remove the skin and bones of a salmon fillet, and slice thickly as shown above. The salmon is then marinated in mirin, ginger juice and soy sauce overnight in the fridge (if not overnight, one hour will be sufficient). I am overly sensitive to the fishy taste of cooked salmon, and this marinade removes any fishiness while retaining the sweetness of the fish.

Part 1: Cook vegetable multi-grain porridge in the rice cooker

I cooked the porridge in a rice cooker which comes with a ‘Porridge’ function. If you don’t have this type of rice cooker, you can cook it in a large pot over the stove for 30-40 minutes. Click here for step-by-step pictures for making porridge on the stove top.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
In the rice cooker inner pot, add washed rice (brown + multigrain), onion, garlic, diced vegetables (carrot+daikon+celery) and sliced cabbage leaves.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
Add water, dried or fresh sliced shiitake mushrooms and set to “Porridge” mode.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
I make porridge in the rice cooker nowadays as there is no need to watch the stove. About an hour later, I am rewarded with a large pot of multi-grain vegetable porridge without any effort :) By the way, this vegetable multi-grain porridge tastes really deliciously wholesome on its own. You can switch off the rice cooker for now.

Part 2: Cooking salmon + making the quick soup stock

Salmon Rice Porridge Stock
Now we need the stove with a soup pot (use an extra large one if you want make all the salmon porridge at one go). Bring dashi stock and ginger slices to a boil, then add salmon slices to cook for about 3 minutes.

Salmon Rice Porridge Stock
If you want a better presentation, strain off the floating bits with a mesh strainer to get clear stock.

Salmon Rice Porridge Stock
Turn the heat to very low. Dissolve miso paste (to taste) in the hot soup. This miso salmon soup stock is delicious with the sweetness of salmon.

Part 3: Put together the rice porridge

If you want to make all the porridge at a go, just ladle all the cooked porridge directly to the pot of salmon stock. Bring to a short simmer and serve.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
But if you want to “made-to-order” salmon porridge at any time of the day, divide into three components (soup stock, multigrain porridge and cooked salmon) as shown above. Keep the stock and salmon in the fridge.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
To make-to-order, just ladle the required amount of salmon, rice porridge and soup stock into a casserole (I am using a serving shared shallow claypot that serves 2-3 pax on the table). Warm through. Optional: Add an egg for extra deliciousness.

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
You can also break up the salmon into smaller chunks….

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe
… and serve them in a smaller bowl. Enjoy!~

4 comments on “Salmon Rice Porridge”

  1. Just had some salmon for the lunch but now I want to have some of this delicious congee too.

  2. I made salmon porridge quite some time ago when I was under the weather (have not even posted it yet :O ) . That time, I cooked it over the stove and because I used millet , the consistency is different from the one you cooked here. Next time I will make it in the rice cooker.

    So comforting to have this bowl of porridge when the weather is cold.


  3. Hi, may I know which part to add the vegetables? Do I put them into the rice to cook together?

  4. Yes cook together in the rice cooker, sorry I forgot to indicate that in the recipe, will amend. Thanks for letting me know.

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