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Ketchup Prawns

First posted in 2008. Updated with improved recipe in Dec 2018.

This ketchup prawns (番茄蝦) is my family’s trusted and loved recipe for decades. The prawns (shrimps) are cooked in a home-made ketchup sauce that is sweet, mildly hot and tangy at the same time. We often eat an extra serving of rice just to clean out the delicious gravy.

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Ketchup Prawns Recipe

Ketchup Prawns Recipe
This dish looks fab straight from the pan. If you love this dish, also check out my mum’s Chinese tomato sauce, which is a great accompaniment to Chinese pork chops.

48 comments on “Ketchup Prawns”

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  2. Hi, tried your recipe and took the liberty to tweak a bit on my own by adding oyster sauce. Noticed that the chopped tomatoes in your ingredient list was not mentioned in the cooking directions. I added the chopped tomatoes after the prawns are cook. Is that your method too? Thanks for all your great recipes.

    • Hi! Saw your lovely prawns, they look yummy! I added the tomatoes to simmer a little, so that the flavours can be infused in the sauce. Amended recipe. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Have you ever tried adding cut fruits like pineapple or apple?It might be delicious too:)

  4. Hi,

    Can’t seem to view the recipe

  5. May I know how much is 1/4 cup of ketchup? Sorry this is my first time cooking.

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  7. It says 2tbsp tomato sauce (ketchup). Which one, they are two different things. Tomato sauce is just that plain sauce. Ketchup is tomato, sugar or other sweetener like corn syrup, vinegar, and spices.

  8. Love this recipe! Just the right balance between sweet, tangy and hot. I didn’t feel the need to adjust the amount of any of the sauce ingredients. Added sliced ginger and torn lime leaves when stir crying the aromatics, and added coriander leaves in the end. Stir fried the prawns in butter, and the butter lent a touch of silkiness to the sauce. Delicious! My husband said he ‘loved loved the dish”. Will be on repeat for sure! Thank you so much for a yummy time saver of a recipe!

  9. Hi! Can I just verify which type of chilli garlic sauce did you use? Is it the mcd’s type or the homemade type?

    Thank you!

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