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Ketchup Prawns

First posted in 2008. Updated with improved recipe in Dec 2018.

This ketchup prawns (番茄蝦) is my family’s trusted and loved recipe for decades. The prawns (shrimps) are cooked in a home-made ketchup sauce that is sweet, mildly hot and tangy at the same time. We often eat an extra serving of rice just to clean out the delicious gravy.

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Ketchup Prawns Recipe

Ketchup Prawns Recipe
This dish looks fab straight from the pan. If you love this dish, also check out my mum’s Chinese tomato sauce, which is a great accompaniment to Chinese pork chops.

48 comments on “Ketchup Prawns”

  1. E for KC, juhuacha: Thanks n hope u like it! Feel free to give me any feedback ;)

    Tom Aarons: Thanks & welcome! :D

    MWL: Thanks! Nice blog u have! :up:

    Katie: In Singapore, we tend to refer to shrimps as the smaller prawns. But I noticed that in the western countries, people refer to what we call ‘prawns’ as shrimps :?: -> confused look :P

    WC: Thanks! Actually I wasn’t sure if ketchup counted as ‘tomato’ in the strictest sense, so I added tomato chunks :|

    WORC: Thanks … you are so kind :-)

  2. I just tried this recipe on Fri.
    Gosh, it’s really nice and I think it tastes like Chilli Crab. Especially with the egg beaten in.
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  3. Thanks for your feedback Josephine … glad to hear your like it :halo: :-)

  4. I also cook something similar to this, but no ketchup, more tomatoes (if tomatoes aren’t sweet, add a dash of granulated white or brown sugar), & I use garlic chili.
    I substitute the prawns with either fried hard-boiled eggs (cut in half length-wise) or deep fried eggplant (deep fried with tempura batter & egg or you can just use the normal flour & egg batter).
    The taste is more spicy & less tangy (because no ketchup) 8)

  5. i love this! its so easy to cook and i’ve done it a few times now. thanks!

  6. Tried the dish just the other day. Thanks for the recipe!

    Hope you don’t that I add your link to my newly set up blog so that my friends whom are novice cooks like me can learn too. :-)

  7. We tried this with McDonald’s garlic chilli packet sauce (we collected uneaten ones), with a little bit of ketchup, Shaoxing wine and fry with garlic… tastes like Chilli Crab sauce!


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  9. this is really simple to cook!
    I added beaten egg to the last step and it really looks like chilli crab sauce juz that this is tomato.
    Very yummy. Thanks for the great recipie

  10. Hi Wiffy

    Once again, thanks for your constant sharing of your recipes. They are pretty easy to follow for a noob like me. I am seldom in the kitchen bec my MIL is in charge ;o).

    My girls have requested me to try cooking chilli crab (not to spicy) but I searched your web site and could not locate it. May I know if I could use the above “ketchup-prawns” recipe to subsitute with crab. How much ingredients must I increase?

    Please help, thanks!


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