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Salmon Head Miso Soup

Salmon Head Miso Soup

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Recently, I saw an irresistible deal for salmon fish head at $2 per piece. I grabbed two and knew exactly what I want to cook with it – a simple, quick, healthy and satisfying weekday night dinner.

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I like that it has a bit of everything (fish, vegetables, tofu and glass noodles) to make it a complete and deliciously balanced meal. If you don’t like fish head, you may substitute with salmon fillet, but personally I find that the fish head and bones gave the broth an extra umami richness and sweetness.

Salmon Fish Head

Salmon Fish Head

10 comments on “Salmon Head Miso Soup”

  1. My kind of meal! The soup must be so tasty! So comforting too.

  2. I added miso to pork soup recently and so loving it too!

  3. Yummy, packed full of ingredients! Love miso soup, just had it yesterday.

  4. I have a salmon fish head in my freezer right now. This is a great idea! Usually I just roast it in oven

  5. I’ve been looking for comforting, non-spicy soups to make because here in Melbourne it’s getting very cold. This is perfect!

  6. This looks amazing! I love salmon and miso, but I’ve never really combined the two flavours before. Thanks for sharing this :)

  7. Looks so good!! Wonder if i can use salmon fillet? I am not sure if my kid knows how to eat fish head :p

  8. Just cooked this. Absolutely yummy! My first time cooking fish head. Thanks soooo much for a simple and hearty dish!

  9. Thank you for the recipe. I made it for dinner tonight, my husband and I really loved it!

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