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Olive Fried Rice

Olive fried rice is one of my favourite one-dish meals. It is deliciously savoury and aromatic. According to my family, this fried rice is “award-winning” (well I hope it is something good like a “tasty fried rice award”).

More Fried Rice:

Since the Chinese olives used in this recipe are already salty and flavourful, the seasonings are minimal. You can enjoy this on its own or with other Thai dishes such as tom yum goong, Thai mango salad, or Thai fish cakes.

Chinese Olive Vegetables

This is the bottle of Chinese olives I used in this recipe. It is actually chopped olives vegetables with a couple of whole olives inside. I was actually looking for whole olives without the vegetables, but couldn’t find any at our local supermarkets. So I settled for this with the intention to test out the recipe first, and to my surprise, the result turn out so well that I am using it in the final recipe.

And here’s a video for the recipe. It’s my second video and I still have a lot to learn, but I hope you will find it useful. If you would like to see more video recipes, thumbs up the video on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. Thank you! ♥

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  1. Hello! I’ve done this recipe a few times and doing again today! Just wanted to say thank you for the recipe and it’s delicious! 

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